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Transport Matters Party Closes its Doors – A Bittersweet Farewell

Jul 28, 2023 | News

Today marks a somber day for both the Commercial Passenger Vehicle (CPV) industry and its supporters, as the Transport Matters Party (TMP) bids a farewell, formally closing its doors. For those involved, it is a moment of mixed emotions, reflecting on the achievements made and the challenges ahead.
Rod Barton was the driving force behind TMP, has paid a heavy price personally and financially, he made many sacrifices for the cause. The party was established with the intention of giving a voice to those who had been overlooked, providing a platform for the underrepresented, such as the CPV industry, those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and kids who have parents in custody. There were many voices who were not heard.
Rod has expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of TMP. He took a moment to acknowledge Andre Baruch for his unwavering support, without which the party would not have gained the momentum it did.
Gratitude was also extended to the Board Members, volunteers, and the generous financial support from backers. Their contributions played a pivotal role in the growth of TMP and its advocacy for crucial issues within the industry and communities.
Although TMP was just one piece of the puzzle, its impact was not to be underestimated. Inside parliament, the party faced many challenges, but the dedication and perseverance of the electoral office and the parliamentary team were highlighted as instrumental in TMP’s successes.
The closure of TMP leaves a sense of sadness, especially concerning the license compensation issue and the welfare of the lowest paid and most vulnerable transport workers. Rod has expressed regret that they won’t be able to continue their efforts in parliament, potentially losing the progress made on these critical matters.
TMP’s journey, albeit coming to an end, leaves a lasting impact on the CPV industry. It managed to raise awareness and bring attention to pressing issues affecting drivers, passengers, and the overall system.
The party’s achievements include pushing for fairer licence compensation, improved working conditions, a living wage, and during Covid the TMP advocacy led to a $1.2 Billion support pkg being paid to CPV drivers, operators and networks, and gave a stronger voice for those who often went unheard. The sense of loss felt by Rod and supporters is undoubtedly shared by many within the industry.
While TMP may no longer be actively advocating within parliament, its legacy serves as an inspiration for future endeavors in the CPV sector.
As Transport Matters Party closes the memories of its passionate advocacy and hard-fought achievements will remain etched in the minds of those who supported its cause.
The question now is, who is going to represent those without a voice?

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